4 powerful ways to improve SEO rankings now

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Are you frustrated with your SEO results?

If you have ever ranked above your competitors for competitive keywords in search results then you may know how satisfying it is to know that every time someone searches for a local dentist, store or business you come up first. 

But wait.. this isn’t always the case! What about when all your competitors are ranking in the first few pages and you are way down the bottom?

That’s the last place you want to be found, and there are a few things you can do to start improving results. So let’s take a look.

Content first approach

Improving organic search rankings with SEO can be very difficult and time consuming. However, if you focus on creating great content it will improve the keyword density on your website which is very good!

The way to get started with this, is writing down a list of the keywords most relevant to your business.

Next, consider the customer journey, and break these down even further to those which are most likely going to be searched by your customer when looking to buy your product / service. This will give you a good idea where to focus.

Finally, use the Google keyword tool to find out which keywords your customers use based on actual search data, then start integrating these keywords into your content.

Improve Image Sizes

When it comes to optimising a webpage for SEO – speed is an important factor to consider. The faster the page loads is better for rankings. 

An effective way of improving load speed is by reducing image sizes across the website. The larger an image is – the slower the download speed. 

There are several tools for doing this, Photoshop is the most popular however some CMSs have inbuild image editing functionality – for example, WordPress allows you to edit images within the CMS. 

Share content

Once you create content – it take take time for search engines to start ranking it well in search. To speed things up you can reach out to people who may find the content interesting for their audiences and share it for you. This can result in backlinks pointing to your content. The more of these quality backlinks you generate the better for SEO. 

Link to related content

When writing content you should always be aiming to maximise value to your audience. If you can link to other pieces of relevant content on your website you should. 

This is a powerful technique because it demonstrates that you are offering the best journey to users and Google will reward you for it!

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